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Morris Asato or ‘Morey’ to some of his friends is an award winning amateur photographer from San Diego, California.

He has been using photography as a creative outlet for several years.  As you can see from his images, he covers a variety of subjects but one element that is always present is a blend of art and photography.  Since a lot of his images are creative expressions of what he visualizes, the term creative art photography probably describes his works best.

His subject of choice has always been the ocean and its elements.  Using a minimalistic approach and long exposure, he is able to create tranquil and peaceful compositions.  Examples of these zenscapes, as he prefers to call them, can be seen in the Ocean Art section of his zenfotos website.

His goal has always been to connect with others through his photography.  He appears to have succeeded with many who can sense the feeling he was trying to convey. 

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